There is no poetry to bipolar disorder

People often tell me I was brave to talk, or write about having bipolar disorder, which is strange since I have never heard it said that anyone was brave to talk about having cancer. Mental illness is as life threatening, debilitating, costly and painful as AIDS, cancer and heart disease. Until it can command the same respect we have failed our sick. I do not say it should 'command sympathy' , rather respect - because suffering from a mental illness requires fearlessness from the sufferer AND their loved ones. Ignorance is the greatest enemy of sickness. I'm told today is BIPOLAR AWARENESS DAY*; on this day, perhaps read someone's story, google the disorder, open your heart... Acknowledge the illness; it affects every single one of us. I'm sorry if this isn't a poetic post, there is no poetry to bipolar disorder.

*This post was first shared on 27 May, 2016.